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This is application an adaptation of the MP3 Database Search running on this site which allow you to search and manage your mp3, cd, and dvd collections.  The twist of course is that it's a stand-alone application written using the new PHP-GTK+ bind.  The application was formly known as MP3 Database-GTK+, but with the addition of a CD and DVD search the old name was no longer representative of the app so I've officially changed it.  The application interfaces with both mySQL and any ODBC-Compliant database supported by PHP's Unified ODBC Functions.  There are two download packages up currently available; one a zip containing source code only (no GTK or PHP runtimes), the other being a full Win32 installer.  Each contains a sample MS Access database and sql script which will create the same database in mySQL. 


  • fully cross-platform supporting any OS which supports PHP and GTK
  • possesses a very small memory footprint
  • database abstraction layer supports persistent connections to both mySQL and MS Access
  • switching between databases "on-the-fly" is fully supported
  • database related list boxes are filled from the database at program start and updated as changes occur
  • mp3 info can be entered manually or scanned the ID3 tags of files on either hard drive or cd-rom
  • abilty to query and restrict on any database field allows for very broad or focused searches
  • error checking on record insert/updates to prevent garbage or null data from entered the database
  • full keyboard shortcuts and mnemonic's
  • version checker compares local version with the current version on my server for program updates
  • used as a demo during Andrei Zmievski and Frank Kromann's PHP-GTK session at the 2001 O'Reilly Open Source Convention
  • further descriptions and program screenshots are available on the Screenshots page


  • working PHP-GTK development environment (for the source download only)
  • working installation of mySQL or the MS Access drivers (ODBC driver for Linux/Unix users)
  • MS Access drivers can be downloaded from Microsoft via the following links
The following links will allow you to either view the source code, or alternatively download an archive containing the scripts which will allow you to run this program on your own computer.  If you find this application useful, please either sign my guestbook or link to my page.

N.B. If you're upgrading from MP3 Database-GTK+ of any version, read the readme for instructions on how to backup your database(s) first.  A list of version specific changes is available in the changelog.  My thanks go out to the people listed in the credits file.

Download Linux/Win32 Source View the Program's Source Download Win32 Installer

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